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The Unbound Medicine team includes physicians, information scientists, developers of leading healthcare software, and leaders from successful healthcare information companies.

The management team includes:

William M. Detmer, MD, MSc

William M. Detmer, MD, MSc is President and CEO. He founded Unbound Medicine with the vision of marrying advanced medical informatics concepts with the latest technologies to improve information delivery to busy health professionals. Dr. Detmer created the first web-based search interface to the world’s medical literature in 1994 and was Vice President of Clinical Information Products for Ovid Technologies before starting Unbound. A regular industry speaker and published author, he is also an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of Virginia. Dr. Detmer is a board-certified internist trained at the University of California-San Francisco and holds a master’s degree in medical information sciences from Stanford University.

Philip H. Peterson

Philip H. Peterson, Chief Technology Officer, leads the direction of Unbound’s platform development and product offerings. Formerly, he was Systems Architect for Ovid Technologies, the leading provider of large-scale search systems for healthcare institutions worldwide. In addition to 20 years experience in strategic planning, technology assessment, management, and programming, he has a strong background in international sales management. He is a graduate of Bloomsburg University and holds a degree in philosophy with a strong concentration in computer science.

Paul M. Stadter

Paul M. Stadter, Vice President of Sales, leads Unbound’s institutional sales team. Using his expertise in marketing and customer development, he has developed the library and educational markets for mobile and web products. His current focus is on expanding in established markets and finding new areas of growth. Before joining Unbound, Mr. Stadter spent 11 years building and managing sales and marketing teams for Ovid Technologies during a period of rapid growth. Mr. Stadter graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a degree in international studies.

Christopher Garriga

Christopher Garriga, Vice President of Development, heads the project management, quality assurance, documentation, and technical support teams. Building on over 15 years experience in medical information software development, he has led many successful product launches at Unbound Medicine. Prior to joining Unbound Medicine, he was at Ovid Technologies. Mr. Garriga earned a B.B.A. in finance from Baruch College in New York.


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